Active recreation 

Fitness room, bowling alley, billiard-table, table football and table tennis table are provided for the guests. Tennis courts, asphalt court for ball games, basketball backboard, table tennis tables, pendulum bowling, outdoor chess, water sports equipment (paddle-boat, boat, kayak for children) as well as a miniature golf course with 12 holes help the relaxation. 

Child-friendly services 

The Katica (Ladybird) playground island is the favourite of the children aged from 0 to 12. Trampoline, numerous wooden toys, a dozen of sitting blocks, slide projector, puppet theatre, climbing fort, many sets of colouring pencils and colouring books promise to have an exciting time. 

A new and spectacular wooden playground, swing and sandpit offer exciting entertainment to kids. They can ride on the waves of Lake Balaton with children's kayak and paddle-boat. We recommend outdoor chess to families longing for intellectual adventures. 

Outdoor training-park 

The open-air built outdoor park can be used even by 50 people at the same time under professional supervision. 

Outdoor training is a special form of learning, built on own experiences and observations and it is based on physical exercise performed in the open air. The participants solve coordinated interactive tasks on the devices designed for this.  

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